About Visual Arthouse

Enhancing the original architecture in combination with sympathetic interior design and a blend of Fine Art.

Every project is a true collaboration with each client tastes, needs and budgets firmly in mind. Weather the purchase of a single picture from the Fine Art Online Store to the full management of major renovation projects, you can be assured of professional services.We believe we have to take the responsibility to perform our work with integrity, respect for the environment and working with sustainable materials and vintage furnishings wherever possible.

Your personal project is a unique challenge for us. From flee market to investigate world wide design companies, we love what we do!

Born and educated in Germany with over 20 years experience in styling, managing and representing artists and their photography and curating art. She recently relocated to Cape Town, South Africa to further her passion for architecture, art and design and reestablish her company there. Her personal tastes and ideas run to creating an unexpected mix of classic and modern, so called ‘contemporary nostalgica‘.